Operating Systems

Top OS in the World – Operating Systems 2017

Lists of operating system

Operating Systems

Top OS ( Operating System ) thats going to top 2017.

An operating system is software that manages all of the hardware resources associated with your desktop or laptop. To put it simply – the operating system manages the communication between your software and your hardware. Without the operating system (often referred to as the “OS”), the software wouldn’t function.

For all Computer Geeks, 2016 was a real Programming breakthrough as lots of OS came knocking on our doors to use and
exploit. I personally used almost all available OS and for this i decided to compile a list for all who have been asking on the choices to make.

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Lists of OS available are beyond counts but I would be focusing more on the common and well used.

1. Microsoft Windows 7 (Windows)

Although Windows is Still the most used OS in the world. Although its has the best user interface an OS could possible have,  The Security is as open as Window.

Windows 7 is the best OS from Microsoft I have ever experienced…
Easy to install… Crash free… Fabulous Graphics Support for HQ Games.. And more…
Windows Vista is the worst OS from Microsoft…
Its still the most simple OS in the world till date.
You can download Windows here – Windows OS

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