Problems Only Pretty Ladies Will Understand

Problems Only Pretty Ladies Will Understand

3.We Can’t Just Walk Without Being Noticed

OK, I am not all that pretty but can’t I just walk pass a street without guys stopping to say hello? Can’t i just go to a store to get something without someone offering to pay? Can’t i just eat in peace without you offering to pay my bills and get to know me in the process? Leave me alone!

4. Too Many DM PM

Do I need to say more about this? I get nothing less than 100 messages on fb in 2days. I am lucky, my bestie gets more than 500 messages daily she had to delete her fb messenger because the messages are just too much.

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5. We Are Tagged As Unserious Students

Imagine someone saying the pretty ones are the dumb ones why the ugly girls are intelligent. Just imagine, well my gp speaks for me. Not all pretty girls rely on their beauty.

6. We Are Called Lazy And Dependant This Is The Funniest

I have 2 jobs and I pay my bills myself. why will I want to depend on your peanut?

7. They Call Us Proud.

This is saddening. Sometimes it is just about having a high self-esteem not pride.

8. Most guys just want to show you off as trophies and have s**x then move to the next pretty girl. This is why we take a very long time to study you before allowing you in but most guys will become too desperate and loose their chances.

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